Embellished skin of unrivaled resilience
begins with treasured Red Pine

Perfecting Cushion

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Red Pine and
plum blossom
for a radiant glow

The precious Red Pine extract helps the skin look firmer. Plum Blossom Extracts with antioxidants clear the skin of factors that cause the skin to age.

적송 진액 사진
Radiance Pearl
Powder Complex for
a bright translucent glow

Created with Sulwhasoo’s technology, Radiance Pearl Powder Complex gives the skin a healthy and translucent glow.

퍼펙팅쿠션 인텐스 사용 사진-제품
Delicate touch
that covers sings
of aging

Embedded with delicate micro fibers, Sulwhasoo’s unique micro brush puff has a brushing effect that provides even coverage for a natural skin tone.

퍼펙팅쿠션 인텐스 사용 사진-사람

Design Story

Cushion, embracing luxurious design.

퍼펙팅쿠션 인텐스 용기 사진
A slim and compact design
with a modern interpretation
of the texture and feel of Korea’s
fine traditional brassware.
퍼펙팅쿠션 실링지 사진
Deep brown and gold for intensity,
detailed plum blossoms engraved
on the gold foil seal

Perfecting Cushion Intense

Creating yet another innovation infusing precious Red Pine,
discovered through perseverance and long research into
the mysteries of Asian ingredients.